We like to say – Live, Play and Thrive

The Valor Club at Pecan Valley will earn its place in the Neighborhood, Community and the City of San Antonio on a daily basis as it provides much needed help, opportunity and a higher quality of life to a very special group of people that we all know and love.  Kids, Vets, Seniors and everyone in between can benefit from such an endeavor.

The Valor Club will help to promote, foster and grow the Mayor’s 2020 Vision

“San Antonio’s Southside is a vibrant, passionate and soulful community bound together by family and tradition.  Helping one another in times of need is a hallmark of this close-knit community and it is this virtue that distinguishes it from the rest.  It is in this spirit that my partners and I present The Valor Club at Pecan Valley.” – Dan Pedrotti, Jr.

Military Veterans

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